J-TECH offers servicing and tuning on a wide range of suspension products. The standard of servicing and tuning is of the best on offer. By using years of experience and data acquired from Data Logging and Dyno testing, J-TECH can offer a calculated service, no guesswork, no myths, no hype, just an honest job done to the highest of standards and the greatest of accuracy. To cope with the high-demand service, a self-help online booking system is required to automate the booking process, which includes booking calendars, booking questions, reporting, online payment and account system integration. 


J-tech Suspension Ltd

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  • Modern responsive design 
  • Online booking calendar
  • Online payment processing
  • Multiple calendars for different services/resources booking
  • Booking questions 
  • Booking report creating 
  • Booking management system 
  • Integration with accounting system for automatic invoicing 
  • Automatic alert for new orders, booking reminders 
  • Secure https hosting 

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