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How to enable proc_open disabled_function for one hosting account

If the server has SuPHP installed,  edit the .htaccess to include line: 

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How To Succeed With Google AdWords; A Guide To Profitability

Launching a new AdWords campaign can be quite daunting. Whilst a large budget isn’t necessarily required, you want to make sure your money isn’t wasted and, of course, the ultimate...

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google adwords introduts click to message

Google AdWords Introduces ‘Click to Message’ Ad Extension

So we all know about Google’s ongoing quest to improve the engagement between consumers and advertisers.

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Shrewsbury Businesses Using Pokémon Go Marketing

Everyone remembers Pokémon from their younger days; it was a game and TV show that many of us became obsessed with in school.

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10 Essentials of Minimalist Website Design

Your task is to design a minimalist website. Sounds easy, right? You just need to use a plain white background with a few images and buttons dotted around here and there.

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Digital Marketing Work Experience in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Are you a college student with a fun, creative personality? Are you interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing? Then you may be in luck as we are currently...

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“Push” vs “Pull” in the age of Digital Marketing

Back before the existence of computers and technology – I know, it’s hard to imagine such a time! – companies had to find a way to promote themselves in the...

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8 Reasons You Should be Using AdWords & PPC for Lead Generation

Here’s something for you to think about for a second: How does a business grow? It all starts with that one person.

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Design, Social & Digital Marketing - Trends To Look Out For In 2016

It’s that time of year again where experts around the world provide you with their predictions on what we’ll be looking at in the upcoming year.

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john lewis christmas ad 2015

John Lewis vs Aldi – The Content Marketing Battle of the Brands

Once Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night are over, Britain starts preparing for Christmas. This usually coincides with the supermarkets releasing their Christmas ads to build brand awareness, get people talking...

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