Ecommerce Website Design

If your business relies on selling products to consumers, it’s likely you have a physical existence to operate from, such as a shop. But what happens when you’re away from the office, whether you’re having a holiday or just going to sleep at night? What happens when those people who want to buy a product from you can’t get to you or access your stock? If you’re not there to serve these people, you could be missing out on hundreds of sales. This is where an ecommerce website becomes a solution to all your problems.

What is an ecommerce website?

Simply put, an ecommerce website is basically an online shop that never closes, designed to catalogue and sell products, collect customer details and carry out online transactions. A good ecommerce site can work wonders for your business and with a more positive consumer attitude to online shopping, there’s never been a better time to sell online.

As an online business your website is everything; we understand the importance of ecommerce design and the role it must play for the online market place. Even though looking attractive is important in communicating your products and services, your ecommerce website must provide a solid foundation and make you stand out as your customers' first choice.

Professional ecommerce website design and development

Identifying the correct ecommerce solution and specification can be a challenge. In addition to looking professional and engaging, your site needs to be secure and robust giving your users confidence and trust to make purchases online.

At Vibe, we design and develop ecommerce sites, all customised to meet your exact needs and requirements. This has been one of our services since we formed in 2007 and over the years we’ve refined our design process to focus on delivering the right ecommerce solution for how you and your customers work. By experimenting with potential user scenarios, we identify the characteristics of your customers, their needs and their reasons for visiting your website. A well-structured ecommerce site will enrich the user experience with faster loading times, better access to content and improved search engine visibility. Working through navigational and usability issues, we design effective ecommerce systems that are easy to use, offer great conversion rates and are flexible, ensuring your website can grow with your business.

From our portfolio you will see that we have worked in a diverse range of industries, delivering ecommerce sites that successfully sell online, feed products to third party platforms for multi-channel ecommerce and synchronise with back-office systems with accounting integration. If you're an ecommerce start-up, SME or a large blue chip company wanting to get more from your ecommerce channel, maximise your sales with a bespoke website from Vibe Creative.


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