managed cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting offers the most flexible and scalable hosting solution, with quick and easy upgrading of Processor and Memory Resources, and the allocation of additional hard disk storage when needed makes Cloud Hosting the choice environment for growing applications.

Cloud servers can be used to host multiple web applications, or single applications that require a high level of processing power due to heavy calculation and high usage. In either case, Cloud hosting can be a good solution due to it’s scalability and high availability.

dedicated server

A dedicated server is when the client leases the entire server, therefore operating an entire physical machine which is not shared with anybody. This is a flexible hosting solution, not only offering full control over the operating system and installed resources, but also with the hardware configuration. Clients can chose CPU power, Memory, Hard Disk Storage, and in some cases, RAID Configurations, load balancing and packaged data transfer.

We provide management and support for dedicated hosting, an ideal solution for organisations that host demanding web sites and process intensive web applications, on a single physical machine. We configure and manage dedicated servers to meet your requirements, as all of our dedicated servers are performance oriented machines, configured for speed and reliability.

cloud based exchange 

Hosted Exchange is a cloud-based messaging platform designed specifically for business. With Hosted Exchange, your clients can collaborate, communicate and manage their business more effectively and efficiently.

Exchange comes with a range of features to increase your clients' productivity levels and maintain a high level of performance, such as emails, shared calendars, shared contacts, file sharing and more.

Web Maintenance & Email Support

  •  Friendly Shrewsbury based support team
  • Phone/Email and on-site support
  • Exchange on Windows server, Linux Web/Email Servers
  • Cloud Outlook & Office365
  • Anti-virus and net security software   
  • Remote support: we can remotely login to your desktop or office server and sort out your problems
  • Knowledgeable support team with years of supporting experience

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