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Christmas is the perfect opportunity to build some excitement within your social media communities and to show a bit of personality in your tweets and Facebook posts.

We’ve come up with five top tips for the type of content you should be posting in social media over the Christmas period, so you should get some inspiration on how to use your social media channels to gain more awareness and engagement from your online community. 

  1. Make your social media channels look festive

    Now is the perfect time for a Facebook cover image update. You might want to add some festive snow, presents or a tree to your current offering to get your Facebook fans in the mood for Christmas. Facebook recommends that you utilise this space to show off your personality with a unique image, so Christmas is the perfect time to do this. Use free image editing tools like PicMonkey and remember to stick to the dimensions of 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

  2. Create Christmas gift guides and wish lists
    Christmas gift guides and wish lists are always popular content, especially for those who are completely stuck for ideas. You can put these guides together in blog posts and use collages to display the images of the different products. This blog post can then be published on Facebook, Twitter and in any customer emails. Include your best selling products as well as handpicked items from other sites too. By doing this, you can contact the other companies through Twitter letting them know you have included them and they will be likely to share the list to their own followers. 

  3. Behind the scenes photos
    Taking images of your team and office around the Christmas period is a great way of introducing who is behind the brand. Obviously photos from your office Christmas party is going slightly too far, but a nice picture of your team decorating the tree, wearing festive jumpers, or writing client Christmas cards will add something slightly different and unique to your social media. 

  4. Christmas competitions

    A great way of spreading awareness in social media is to run a Christmas competition. Both Facebook and Twitter make it very easy for you to run competitions and ask people to enter by commenting on posts, retweeting messages and joining your communities. You just need to be aware that you should host some terms and conditions on your website and link back to them at least once during the campaign.  

  5. Schedule messages - Think ahead to New Year
    Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but don’t worry about being stuck to your laptop on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. You can schedule messages to go out to your community on days which you will be busy with family. Facebook has an in-built post scheduler, and tools like Hootsuite offer free solutions for Twitter. Just be aware that you might receive replies or comments that need replying to, so downloading the apps for your phone is a good idea so you can easily keep track of what’s happening on your channels. We would recommend wishing your customers a Happy New Year and thinking ahead to what you can be posting in January so that you have time to plan your activity.

We offer bespoke social media consultancy. To find out more, get in touch with the team on 01743 272609 or email studio@vibecreative.co.uk.

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