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Your website has been beautifully designed and you are ready to start sending traffic to it. The next step is to get visitors to your site. Those with bigger marketing budgets can consider advanced techniques such as Google Adwords campaigns to drive traffic from Google search pages, banner advertising campaigns across other websites and branded video content.

But what about businesses with smaller marketing budgets? We’ve come up with a list of five ways to drive traffic to your website with a low budget.

1. Use page titles and descriptions that people can’t resist

Meta titles and meta descriptions are attributes that determine how your website pages appears in the Google search results - and they're really important. You should ensure that you, or your web developer, have written a compelling title and interesting description that will help you to stand out in searches.

Look at this search for ‘headphones for running’. The 2014 date in the title makes the searchers confident its recent content. The question in the description fits with exactly what the searcher is looking for.


2. Utilise social media

Perhaps one of the best techniques to driving traffic to your site, if done well. Review which social media profiles would be most appropriate for your business – whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Facebook. Not every company should be using every profile, nor will you have time to maintain all of them well, so decide where your target audience would expect you to have a presence.

Shropshire B&B Hopton House owner, Karen Thorne, uses Twitter to talk to the county in a friendly tone of voice. By posting regular scenic photographs and creating relationships on Twitter, she is making her business more memorable to potential visitors:

Hopton House

3. The power of free

Everyone loves a freebie. How about giving something away on your website that your ideal target audience will benefit from? It could be one of your products, tickets to an event where you will be exhibiting or an exclusive discount code for your website. If you are a more B2B focused business, do you have any whitepapers or key research you could host on your website? Whatever it is that you can giveaway, be sure to ask for an email address in return. This will help to build up your email database so that you can contact a group of interested people at a later date. Use social media to publicise your competition or giveaway as a traffic driver, as well as talking about it face to face and on the phone to customers.

4. Reach out as an expert

Are you looking to establish yourself as an expert in the industry? Putting yourself forward as a speaker at an event is a fantastic opportunity to build awareness of your company. You could host your slides or notes from your talk back on your website, so that anyone who cannot attend your talk will visit your website to get a summary. Usually when speaking at an event, you will also have the opportunities to submit a guest blog post to be hosted on the event’s website. This is a great way to direct traffic back to your site, as you can request a link and description of your business at the bottom of this article. Look for speaking opportunities by emailing local councils, business networks and chambers.

5. Utilise your employees

How many emails do your staff send every day? Ensuring your website URL and link is included in your company email signature is crucial. The same goes for LinkedIn; review your employees’ profiles and ensure they are describing the company in the correct way, with correct links to your website. This could be a great way to drive traffic as each employee could have hundreds of connections.

For more tips on getting more traffic to your website on a low budget, get in touch with our team. Contact us on 01743 272609 or email studio@vibecreative.co.uk.

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