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For any company, their website’s objective is to generate new leads and sales.

You may be a business with a website, located anywhere in the UK, with goods and services that you want to sell across the whole country.

However, you simply aren’t getting the sales that you need. When you try searching for your website on Google for keywords that describe what you sell, you find that you’re on page 456; nobody’s ever going to find you there.

Your solution is a Search Engine Optimisation campaign targeting customers nationwide.

What is national SEO?

National SEO is a form of online marketing which enables more people to find your website when using search engines such as Google. Customers are able to find your website regardless of their location and at the exact time when they are already actively searching for your products or services.

The result? High quality, pre-qualified leads or potential customers from all over the UK visiting your website.

The key to a successful SEO campaign

The purpose of an SEO campaign is to raise the visibility of your business and, in turn, drive traffic to your website. We achieve this by analysing your website, its products and services, and then carrying out research into the keywords that potential customers may type into a search engine to find you. We then make your website more visible to the world for those keywords.

A successful SEO campaign will employ several key strategies and techniques, and the initial research stages can be the difference between success and failure. Below are some tips on what to consider at the beginning of any SEO campaign:

  • Objective – This is more than merely highlighting that we need to increase website traffic or sales. It must detail the user process, what the website is selling and what happens throughout this process.
    Is it selling online via ecommerce or lead generation?
    What is the product/service? How is it purchased? What is the market?
    What is the average sale value?
    Answers to these questions will help us identify what the likely return on investment is going to be and how to deliver a campaign that will achieve this.
  • Keyword research – An SEO campaign needs to be implemented around keywords and these need to be thought about and researched. This involves building a list of keywords that potential customers will use when looking for your product or service online. Part of this work includes evaluating the search volume for these keywords to ensure a significant number of people are using them when searching.
  • Competitor research – It’s important to know who you’re up against in the online world. Big players like Amazon or John Lewis are going to be difficult to compete with and this needs to be considered when estimating the potential return a campaign may deliver. We will carry out this research and use this vital information to plan an SEO campaign that would take this possible competition into account.

Once the research stages have been completed, a strategy can be formulated that will:

  1. Use keywords that are relevant to your product/service and to potential customers who are researching or ready to buy
  2. Use keywords that have a significant number of people already using them in their searches
  3. Be realistically achievable given the other websites competing for these keywords in the search engines
  4. Provide a return on the investment in terms of time and/or finance

What will it do & why it works

A well-thought-out SEO campaign will drive people to your website who are intending to enquire and/or make a purchase. The result will be more traffic to your website, with users finding you at the right time in their purchase process, resulting in higher quality leads and higher conversion rates for online sales.

SEO can remove the guesswork found in other marketing methods, unlike direct mail or placing a display advert on the chance of somebody seeing it. Instead, SEO reaches those customers at the time they are researching or wanting to buy, regardless of whether they are local, in another part of the UK or the world.

If you would like to know more about national SEO and how it could help your business, contact us on 01743 272609 or email studio@vibecreative.co.uk.

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