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Now the Christmas and New Year break is over and we’re all back to work, we’ve been thinking about how you can increase your online revenue by optimising your website ready for a successful 2014.

Any ecommerce business should be regularly revisiting their landing pages, checking each element such as design, content, keywords and images to be sure they are offering the best customer experience.

We've decided to create an ideal list of elements that you should consider including in your ecommerce product pages, if appropriate to your business. 

Product names should reflect customer search terms

There is nothing worse than products being listed on a site with names that don’t reflect how customers would recognise them. Avoid anything too technological and include SEO keywords in your names. 

Fantastic images

2014 01 06 1530

This could be the make-or-break element as to whether a customer buys your product or not. The more images you can offer the better, especially if your products have smaller details that customers will want to zoom in on. Notonthehighstreet.com is a great example here.

Clear pricing & 'Add to Bag' buttons

As well as what the product looks like, customers will want to know the exact price so make this as clear as possible and in the correct currency. Your ‘Buy’ button should be clear and stand out from other elements on the page. 

Key features and benefits

List the key features and benefits of your product to customers, which will benefit your SEO and also give customers much more rich information about the product. This could also include information such as material, sizes, colours, specifications and compatibility.


2014 01 06 1528

Adding out of stock items to your basic layout is highly frustrating, so show your customers availability. Companies like Argos do this very well, by telling you exactly how many items are available in each store or for home delivery, encouraging you to buy sooner when stock is low. 


This is key information that a customer will want to know as part of their purchase decision. Make it cohesive and clear.

User generated content

Product reviews are now a must for retailers and can really help to improve your conversion rate and credibility.

Social sharing buttons

Encourage word of mouth around your products by including social media share buttons for networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Customers may wish to add your images to their Pinterest boards too. Both ASOS and Halfords do this well. 

Screen Shot from Halfords Website - Fine Example of Facility to Share Items 
Want to improve your ecommerce landing pages for 2014? Give us a ring on 01743 272609 or email studio@vibecreative.co.uk. 

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