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The New Year always prompts us to consider the year ahead; how we can improve services and achieve growth. One of these considerations may be your website and how it integrates with your business and marketing strategies. With several millions of websites now online, a strategic approach is required in order to compete successfully. This strategy needs to address your website exposure and conversions, which are affected by a number of elements that drive higher volumes of quality traffic to your site. Website design, architecture, content and search are all elements that need to be carefully considered.

Design & Architecture

This includes the structure of your website, so consider using engaging headings, strap-lines and content. Intuitive navigation and clear ‘calls-to-action’ will enable users to find your information, resources, services and products quickly and easily. Calls-to-action will improve lead generation and promote the beginning of the sales process.


Your content needs to be relevant and up to date, as this is essential for both the user experience and search engine optimisation. Website interaction can be improved with blogs, forums, comments and reviews, all of which will encourage user generated content and can also be an added service or resource for your customers.


All things considered, all the above is useless without visitors, so driving targeted traffic to your site is just as essential. Building links can raise the profile of your site within the search engines so submit your site to relevant and industry specific directories. Combining unpaid search with pay per click advertising will increase the exposure of your website online. Google Product Search is another free service from Google that can connect your website's products with searchers. However, don’t forget offline PR; many well thought out online strategies are designed to work with and support offline marketing activities, channelling visitors to your site and building your brand awareness.


One of the great things of the internet, is that website traffic can be measured. Google Analytics is a free tool that provides powerful analytic tools and can report on visitor behaviour on your website. Here you can see how users are navigating your site, helping you identify potential issues and the user journey before conversion. These tools can also provide information on traffic sources and keywords used to find your site, providing valuable information that can be utilised for on and offline marketing. If you are unsure about how to install Google Analytics, some web hosting services include site reporting tools, so speak to your web designer or web hosting provider.

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