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Web technology develops quickly as more and more businesses are now online and the web audience grow. Here are the  web design trends 2019. As designers we will need to find out where we are . We would like to be unique and creative so that we will create the just perfect costumed website for our clients. However, we would like to know what's happening out there so that we can adapt and improve. Here is a list of the elements we like: 

  1. Massive, screen-dominating text

    Please have a look at Mailchimp's current home screen. It's catchy and it pinpoints the message with laser focus.mailchimp

  2. Block Stacking 
    This is a very flexible structure for CMS systems. Web admin is not only in charge of the content, he/she is able to build up the page by adding more and more 'blocks'. This is a powerful tool. 
    Check National Geography website https://www.nationalgeographic.com/ and also Super Yacht that we are working on: 

  3. Full width fluid banner 
    full width banner is stunning with graphic photographic. It gives the web audience an instant impression. Please check https://www.taylorsclassics.com/ as an example

  4. Minimalism
    No distraction! Minimalism is often the go-to aesthetic of choice. The fewer elements and content on a website, the more your audience will focus on your message.
    Check Wem Business Park website http://wembusinesspark.co.uk/

  5. Video content
    Video caters for the Youtube generation: they consume content quickly within a few seconds and then move on if content doesn't generate interest. Static content containing only text and images will not strike quick impact compares to a great produced video with sound and visual. What's more, Google search is now video friendly folk! 


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