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pinterestYou might think Pinterest is just another social media platform with no real influence. Wrong!

Pinterest, the social media darling that launched in 2010 is actually the third most visited social media site behind Facebook and Twitter. It now drives more referral traffic to your website than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

So what is all this ‘pinning’ about? Pinterest is an online pinboard, designed to offer a more visual way of bookmarking. Users can save content in the form of images to themed boards which they have created. The most popular pinboard categories are home, arts and crafts, fashion, weddings and food.

You can share images you find online by using the 'Pin It' button, which is easily added to your web browser so that you can save items to boards with the click of a button. Or you can directly upload images onto Pinterest. 

The average Pinterest user spends 89 minutes a month on Pinterest, while the average Twitter user only spends 21 minutes a month on Twitter. According to research, users go on Pinterest with the intention of buying products, so it’s great for ecommerce sites.

How does Pinterest work for businesses?

Pinterest is a great tool to help you define your personality and interests, showing off the fun side to your business. Pinboards also work well when you are inspiring your customers by showing them different ways of using your products. You can make as many boards as you like and can categorise your boards however you like according to themes, seasons or products. Here you can add pins from around the internet, with your own captions underneath; relevant keywords are important here and can help your SEO.

It is perfectly acceptable to occasionally pin onto boards with content from your own website but, as with other social media platforms like Twitter, you should spread this activity out and try and keep to no more than 20% self-promotional pins. The rest of the time you should be pinning content from other websites, which offer inspiration in the same industry as yours. 

For example Random House Books, a publishing company, use pinboards such as Best Book Covers featuring books they have published, as well as some they have not. They also have a fantastic pinboard called Bookshelf Envy, showcasing different ways of displaying books in your home.

Online craft retailer Etsy uses Pinterest very creatively using excellent pinboards such as gift ideas, interior design, recipes, and wedding decoration ideas. They also invite bloggers to create guest blogs on their Pinterest account.

To find out more about how Pinterest could work for your business, get in touch. We offer bespoke strategy and training in Pinterest and can help you get going on the growing platform.

Give us a call on 01743 272609 or email studio@vibecreative.co.uk.

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