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Business owners and marketing managers are all aware of the importance of research before entering a new market. For many years, businesses have spent large sums of money researching the size of new markets and what the potential rewards may be.

Today, Google offers businesses and entrepreneurs a great research aid with its Keyword Tool. This enables web design and SEO professionals to examine online markets quickly, gathering valuable market data such as search volumes, search trends and potential competition for given key phrases.

The targeting of specific key phrases in the search engines requires careful planning at the early stages of any web design project, as these key phrases need to be used within the website’s code such as heading tags, meta data, web page copy and the internal linking structure. Only two to three key phrases should be targeted on each page, therefore, keyword research will have an impact on your site plan and content.

The importance of keyword research goes beyond the design of a website, as it will also define the whole advertising model of an online project or business. It is a crucial tool that will aid you in allocating budgets and keyword strategies of any AdWords or Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

It’s key to learn which word combinations your target market would use to research and find your product or service. These word combinations form the ‘key phrases’ of your marketing model and these key phrases used in search by your target audience are likely to be word combinations that your marketing team may not have even considered. Keyword research can help to define the size of your market, analyse competitors and formulate an online strategy before committing resources to your project.

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