Social Media Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. The list goes on. We’ve all heard of these social media networks but not everyone knows that, if used properly, they can effectively market your business, promoting you to people who may not have otherwise known you existed.

Social media is the term used to describe websites that are based on user-generated content, allowing people to interact with each other sharing information, opinions, interests and knowledge.

In the world of business, social media marketing involves the building of these communities or networks, encouraging participation and engagement between your customers and your brand. It has become an integrated part of company marketing strategies, with many companies using social media channels to assist them with key aspects of the businesses such as customer service, promotions and market research.

social mediaSocial media management

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your products and services online using the social networks, online communities, blogs or any other platform that has user generated content at its core. The objective is to create awareness of your brand with newsworthy events, videos, images, and interaction with your own customers. Users attracted to these events are the key to social media marketing, which effectively allows you free advertising to a very large audience.

We have a number of social media services designed to market your business. These range from set-up, to make your social channels visually appealing, through to devising a full social media strategy and community management to handle generation of content and regular posting, constantly seeking opportunities to raise awareness of your brand. Our social media packages are tailored to fit your needs and integrate with your online activities.

Social media platforms

  • Facebook – Undoubtedly the most popular of the networks; it’s been around since 2004 and is used by people to keep in contact with friends and family. However, brands are also using it as a method to connect with potential new customers.
  • Twitter – A real-time network where brands can immediately connect with their consumers. Being able to see what popular topics everyone is talking about at the same time (also known as “trends”) can enable brands to get in on the action which means their content will be seen by a larger audience.
  • Google+ – Google’s very own social network. It’s widely believed that brands using this platform to promote themselves could be viewed favourably in the natural search results by Google themselves.
  • Pinterest – A very visual platform which is essentially a virtual pinboard where users can “pin” images on their favourite selected topics. Websites containing quality images can see good referral traffic from this platform as, when clicked on, a pin will redirect a user back to where the image originally came from. This platform works particularly well for businesses in the food, wedding, home and animal industries, to name a few.

Other social networks

But it doesn’t just end with these networks. There are numerous platforms out there, each offering different benefits and each requiring a different approach. It is not simply a case of using the same method for every platform. It’s also not the case that every platform is applicable for every business. Give us a call today and speak with our social media experts. We will advise on the best social networks you should be using to promote your business and discuss effective marketing strategies.


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